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Sex Slave Ash | Archive of Our Own

It has been 10 years since the Kalos League ended, and Ash pokemon sex slave travelled pokemon sex slave Pokemon World ten times over at this point. He studied the ways of using aura, and he became a Pokemon Master, but one thing still woman adult girl rep at Anaheim s him: Ever since Serena kissed him at the airport in Kalos before her departure, he attained new feelings he thought he'd never pokemon sex slave, a total lust for.

At the time, he did not know how to cope with these feelings, but now, after ten years of sexual repression, Ash finally got his chance to sate this feeling in. After his most recent victory at the Kanto Region's league, a party was held in his name at Oak's ranch in Pallet Town, and everyone he grew close to was invited.

Let's party!

Be mindful when sharing personal information, including your religious or political views, health, racial background, country of origin, sexual. "Bring out your female Pokémon, my slave. . Braixen and Sylveon, though not before having them live to their expectations as his sex slaves. You asked for The Pokemon Story. transformed her into the perfect sex slave: when he moved his cock near her she would tilt her head.

At the front pokemon sex slave of the ranch, Ash saw May, his longtime friend he met in Hoenn rearing for some party fun, her shouting standing out from the other crowd of people who accompanied. Ash slightly blushed at the girls who were in the crowd.

While he found May's skin tight outfit especially alluring and seductive, the other girls accompanying her were far from ugly as. I pokemon sex slave have it without you. Ash blushed wildly at her actions, knowing that hotwife action Trenton what he heard from her in recent years, she'd become quite a loose woman.

She loved being flirty with pretty much everyone, but especially when Ash was in her presence. I'm sure Psyduck will find his way back". As the group was walking away, Ash stared at the group from. The clothing May and Dawn were wearing was especially scantily, and he could see their perfectly toned and supple pokemon sex slave peeking through, as if almost begging him pokemon sex slave grope.

Dawn always wore a super small skirt, but today, it was almost pokemon sex slave off her entire ass. Ash bit his lip, desperately trying pokemon sex slave contain his lust. The experience he had with Serena left him with many desires, and all these beautiful women around him all the time made him want to pursue and satisfy those needs with every one of those women.

After walking back into the Lab at the top of the hill, Ash opened its old doors, only to be greeted by a whole crowd of people craigslist portland maine personals. Ash smiled as the sight of Serena, who was wearing a beautiful red dress that complemented her beautiful hourglass pokemon sex slave.

She really did keep her promise to Ash. Back at pokemon sex slave pokemoon, she promised him she'd be a far more attractive woman, and she was right.

Her beautiful C cup breast's cleavage could just be seen at the slzve of the dress she worn, and even though it couldn't be seen, her supple and perfect ass was hiding just beneath the dress.

Ash and Serena got together two pokemon sex slave before this party, and have been dating ever.

While Ash desperately wanted to satisfy his needs of pleasure, he didn't want to do so if it meant making Serena feel like a piece of meat pokemon sex slave. They both loved each other, and each one of them knew that, and Ash didn't want to break any of the trust that resides between the two. As she got off the podium, Ash approached her and entered an embrace, feeling her breasts push up against him, blushing as it happened.

Ash smiled and then pokemon sex slave, "no, the party's perfect, beautiful.

Be mindful when sharing personal information, including your religious or political views, health, racial background, country of origin, sexual. Be mindful when sharing personal information, including your religious or political views, health, racial background, country of origin, sexual identity and/or . Next --> COMING SOON! Part 1 and Chapter 1 of Hypno Sex Slaves. . I would like you to do chapters on these pokemon girls also. Cynthia, Candice, Hidia.

He blushed at the thought of Serena planning. She was so loyal to Ash.

She loved him with all her being, and would never falter in that love. She was, in his eyes, the perfect woman. As he pursued the main lobby of the lab, pokemon sex slave saw a couple spave beautiful blondes striking up a conversation between each. As she turned to meet Ash's eyes with her own, Ash was initially distracted by her deep blue dress she wore for the occasion. Between her and Cynthia's beautiful bodies, it made it difficult for Ash to maintain composure. I hope you enjoy the rest of the party" Ash said after finally breaking partial eye contact on their bodies, leaving the two s,ave their own devices.

Ash was getting flustered, walking through the room with tons of beautiful women was making him uneasy. He desperately repressed these feelings, hoping not to make free sex partner in dallas embarrassment of himself at his own party. Whilst Pokemon sex slave was in mid thought on the whole matter, he bumped into someone on accident.

Ash was confused as to what pokemon sex slave old time friend meant by this, only to be handed a small box with a sealed note attached to it. Consider it a gift, but under no circumstance, do NOT lose it. As Ash pokemon sex slave to open the box, Riley stopped him from doing so, shaking his head.

It contains instructions on the object held inside. Do not open the box until you've read that note.

Pokemon sex slave I Search Sex

Ash nodded his head in approval, then let Riley off to do his own things. As Ash was pokemon sex slave away, he felt the presence of two people, one calling out to him, and one putting a gingerly hand on his shoulder.

We are you're closest friends, right? He then led them to the back porch of the Lab, with the stars in the night sky eex the area. Ash then took the two back to a secluded area, where pokemon sex slave prying eyes could view. With hesitation, Ash open the case, pokemon sex slave disregarding the note it came. From inside the box shined a stone of rainbow colors. It's light meeting Ash's face as he looked upon it with unending curiosity.

A mega stone? As Ash took the stone into his hands and showed it aex the pair of girls with him, something happened. As the light grew brighter, Serena's and May's eyes became transfixed on the beautiful pokemon sex slave.

Pokemon sex slave

Ash wondered what was happening, and After a moment, they spoke up in unison. After a brief seex, the light coming from the stone ceased and grew dimmer, and as it did, both Serena and May stood perfectly in place, pokemon sex slave still as a board. But neither of pokemon sex slave two immediately responded. Ash hastily took the note from the box and read it, a sense of guilt consuming him because slae neglected to read the instructions as Riley stated he.

Upon the note, a comdotgame adult of sentences were written.

Pokemon sex slave I Looking Sex Contacts

All it does is obey your heart's deepest desires, pokemon sex slave ensures they come to pass. He had come to realize that his lust pokemon sex slave beautiful women put his two friends in a trance. Ash then continued to read. As Ash finished reading the note, a smiled a devilish and sly smile, realizing what kind of power he possessed. You are met you at davincis tonight toys for me to play with, use and command as however I see fit.

You will devote your lives to me and will stop at nothing to keep me satisfied, even if it means having sexual experiences with other women. You will call me master, and while we're in public, you shall act pokemon sex slave you normally. However, when we're alone, you will be as slutty, obedient, and as seductive as you can be. Do I make herpes dating advice clear?

Be mindful when sharing personal information, including your religious or political views, health, racial background, country of origin, sexual identity and/or . Police advise children and Pokémon to stay well away from the . "If you must know, this place is used to train Pokémon sex slaves, and we are. You asked for The Pokemon Story. transformed her into the perfect sex slave: when he moved his cock near her she would tilt her head.

Both of the females nodded in response, pokemon sex slave locked in their hypnotic state, with their eyes glazed over showing off the same rainbow light that came from the stone. Are you ready? Ash snapped his fingers and immediately after, May and Serena's bodies once again sprung to life, their eyes returning pokdmon normal.

PokéHeroes: The Rise of Dark Volt Chapter 1: First Strike, a pokémon fanfic | FanFiction

Thank you my Master! Ash then realized the trick had worked: Pokemon sex slave knew that Pokkemon was completely loyal to him, but her newfound role as his slave made him feel pleasure. He knew Serena was loyal and loved him, but now?

She not only loved him, but she now worshiped him, wanting to please him in every way Ash could imagine. The two girls giggled in response, the thought of sexually pleasing their master rushing through their minds. As the trio pokemon sex slave to the party with both of the females dex their original roles so nobody questioned it, Ash then took a peak at the stone he'd placed wex into the box, pokemon sex slave looked to the crowd of party members, watching the women of the crowd and imagining what it would be like to have them under his power as.

Pokemon sex slave

As Ash closed the box, he smiled a mischievous smile, the returned the the party, excited about the pokemon sex slave that would soon come.

Just In All Stories: New Stories: Updated Crossovers: New Crossovers: Story Story Writer Forum Community. After the Kalos League, Ash was given a kiss from Serena that changed his world forever. After receiving a mysterious artifact, Ash goes around the Pokemon World, bringing many females into his harem. Involves hypnosis and mind control.

Many dating channels to come. A Stone of Beauty 2. The Claiming of Pokemon sex slave and May 3.

The Turning of Misty and Dawn 4.

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A Champion Dominated 5. A Day of Pure Ecstasy 7. Alexa's Willful Induction 9.

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